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  First in a series of award winning Vietnam War Candid Photography
   more volumes to come
  collect the entire set!

The best of Full Color Fine Art Photography from the War in Vietnam I am sure you will enjoy this full color ebook, with hundreds of dollars worth of original photographs from the original transparencies, 
PLUS complete descriptions and free history of the Vietnam War.

You will Meet:
The Viet Cong Intelligence Officer that posed as a common street beggar in the Can-Tho Market -- he was so good in his disguise that Americans even unknowingly contributed to his cause!

You will see:
The great aerial photo of a support village of the Michelin Rubber Plantation even while under attack!

The City of Saigon at Midnight -- as busy as in the daytime!

You will also See:
a Jungle Sanpan loaded with a surprise lethal Cargo 
under all that rice!

And, of course, Much Much More! 

Full Color Photographs direct
    from the National Vietnam Veterans
   Art Museum and you get the
   complete story behind each shot!

Plus a Full Color  Map of  
    Vietnam just as it was

    during the War

Plus you recieve a complete

  History of the Vietnam War from the
 beginning of American involvement
 in 1961 to the day we left in 1975
From Vassar College

"Original transparencies provide
 the viewer with a
Blast of Color"

"See what The Soldiers saw,
and you will feel how The Soldiers felt."
Order now and recieve
History of the Vietnam War


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Vietnam eBook

                          Great for Reports!


       "Through a Soldiers Eyes" 
Vol I

           "The Humanity & Geography of a Nation at War"

                       Candid Full Color Photography & Narratives
                                 by Jack Walters  Author Profile
The Photos you didn't see in the news! 

Complete with the whole story behind each photo!

Vietnam photo CD

Now on CD!
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     Jack Walters teaches and lectures on the War in Vietnam as seen from the soldier's
     point of view.

     This presentation is not a "Blood and guts" show, but rather a look into the daily life
     of the Vietnamese people and the geography of the country of South Vietnam. 
     Short Bio

    If you are interested in this entertaining and enlightening presentation
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National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum