2004 Advertising Rate Card  -  The Military Advisor

Everything From the Revolutionary War to Modern Missile defense systems
The Military Advisor is the largest theme based military search link directory.  This directory contains global links to Military, Government and Law enforcement and their related sites. 
As of Jan 20th, includes over 8,000 links (over 1.5 million hyperlinks) in over 250 theme based categories. 
This number increases daily..

Advertising description                                                                                     Link Information

Opening Page  -   standard 60X468 banner advertising only, and limited to four banners.
     Exposure performance -      approx.  460,000 hits (impressions) per Month
     Ad scope -                         Targeted audience to Military, History, Research, and
                                              related subjects
     Insertion Period -                90 days minimum
     Cancellation notice -           30 days

     Billing -                               $ 30.00 per month (Less than $1 per day)   minimum 3 Months
        Annual pmt discount -        5% 
        Setup fee -                       $ 30.00  - one time

Text link advertising is also available - Across the board 1/2 of display advertising rates (ie:$15 per month)


Link Directory Pages     standard 60X468 (contact us for different sizes)Banner 
                                         advertising only one banner per link
                                        (banner will display once on main category page and twice on directory page)
     Exposure performance -  approx. 18,000 sessions (unique URLs) per Month
     Ad scope -                     Targeted deep Military/Aviation/History audience (purchase/research)
     Insertion period -             1 Year
     Cancellation notice -       30 days
                                                                                                           Try The
     Billing -                              $ 52.00         ($1.00 per week)            SAMPLE PAGE
         Annual pmt discount         N/A
         setup fee                         NONE

Text link advertising also available - Across the board 1/2 of display advertising rates (ie:50 cents per month)


STATS - as of Jan 27, 2004   Past 12 Months
              Raw hits           5,475,243 
              Pageviews        2,072,104
              Sessions              635,830  (unique URLs)
Note: all hits, pageviews, and sessions are increasing at the rate of 20-25% PER MONTH!

Fine Print
                Jack Walters and www.jackwalters.com  reserves the right to refuse and or reject any advertising submitted.  No advertising banner will be accepted that contains objectionable content or links to any site containing Pornography, illegal activities, or products, etc.. If there is a question concerning the ethics of Jack Walters or www.jackwalters.com web pages, Please contact Jack Walters via email



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