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Home Security

My time spent as a dealer for a major nationwide security systems provider opened my eyes to this fact:

Real Home Security begins with a state of mind. 

Most folks go overboard with gadjets, gizmos, and whatsits. Most are to impress their friends, and have little to so with the real task of providing peace of mind.
There are, however, several things a person can do to enhance security on their homefront. 

Among them are:

  • Proper exterior lighting
There is perhaps no greater deterrent to crime than lighting.  Would be intruders just will not attempt to break in to a home that is well lighted. Although this seems like common sense, it is most often overlooked.
Well placed automatic lighting is both effective and inexpensive.
  • A good basic Monitored security system
The actual hardware for a security system is not expensive and can even be found free of charge.  A good example of this can be found here where you can get a 
If the system is not monitored, however, it is almost useless.  No, the monitoring is not free. Most good monitored systems will cost about a dollar a day. That's very little money to spend for what it does! 
Actually, most of us waste more money than that each day, anyway. 
  • Awareness of the surroundings
Last, but not least is the environment in which we live.  In the past we could keep to ourselves and not have to worry about what our neighbors were doing.  Those days are over. After September 11, we know that terrorism can, and will again be used on American soil.  Click Here if you are interested in Counter Terrorism Training.  The sheer amount of drug dealers, addicts, terrorists, etc., that are in our otherwise "safe" neighborhoods is staggering.  Make no mistake about it, these thugs will rob or kill you for as little as 50 cents!
We simply have to know who and where the enemy is.  How do we find out?  A simple very inexpensive tool like Net Detective can provide all the tools to find out fast. Plus, it is even fun to use!

There is, of course, a whole lot more, but, If you follow these simple guidelines, you will be on your way to real peace of mind.

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