The photos and narratives that you are about to experience in this EBook depict everyday life in 
South Vietnam during the War,  as seen through the eyes of the young American  soldier.

Vietnamese culture, centuries old,  has not changed substantially in more than a hundred years.  In many ways, it was like going back to the old west.  This alone provided a certain shock value to those of us who were born and raised in the peacetime of the United States,  and the western civilization. 

Recent Vietnamese culture reflects the impact of being at war for long times has on a country. Children were born in wartime, raised in wartime, grew old and died in wartime, never knowing peace of any sort. Far different than us.

It is my hope that when viewed,  the photos here, and the ones to follow in the coming volumes, will provide a window to what life was like in South Vietnam during the escalation of the war in the mid 60's.

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