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What are MRE's, and why are they so boring?

SORRY! We're all GONE!

see below for a few slightly damaged copies available

  Sorry, all the MRExcellence cookbooks
 are sold out

Yes, our old trusty friend is just about gone.
see below for a few slightly damaged copies available
But the replacement cookbook is a real winner,
 and almost twice as thick!
The new book contains everything you see
below and tons more info.

  • Learn what to buy right now
  • Use your dehydrated storage foods
  • Use your Freeze dried storage foods
  • Use your common pantry items
  • Learn how to rotate your MRE's
  • and so much more..........

Coming Soon...in June '08

MRE +PLUS  Cookbook

we are hard at work on the new revised and updated version with
 all new recipes, updated menu, catastrophe cooking,
all you see below and many, many new features.
The new cookbook will be available in
CD format (eBook) that is printable!

Reserve your copy Now!

For information on advanced copies, and information on pre orders,
 just drop us an email (put "Cookbook" in the subject line) at

This recently out of print cookbook has the answers! You can use items usually found
around the house, combine them with the MRE Entree's and Presto!
You have really delicious meals The whole family will enjoy.  PLUS......
This is the best way to Rotate your older MRE's


Sample Recipe
Peanut Butter Peach Pockets
4 Servings

4 Pita Breads
4 Packets MRE Peanut butter
2-4 Packages MRE Peaches

Warm Pita bread slightly (to Make it Pliable)
Cut about three inches off each Pita Bread to get inside.
Carefully open pockets, and spread both sides with Peanut Butter
Fill with Peaches.

A great alterative to Peanut butter and Jelly sandwitches and the kids love making them.

 Hundreds and hundreds sold at the original cover price $16.95

Now at Closeout prices! Brand New! Direct from the publisher

----U.S. Sales Only----
Inquire about quantity discounts and Overseas orders

Note: There are a few slightly distressed copies available for $7.99 + 2.00 S&H

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