At the Carnival, the Barker pleads loudly------"Step right up, sit right in --- a dime to play, and a dime to win!"

Flash, cgi-scripting, whiz-bang, bells, whistles, you name it. pages that look like they belong in a circus side show.  Cute? --maybe for ten seconds, then boring, boring, boring.  How about a well thought out, easy to navigate, pleasant looking,  fast loading page?? One that is as comfortable as a good pair of softly squeaking leather shoes, and quietly appealing as a vintage watch.

Radical Idea? We don't think are here, you are at that place right now. 

Next point. Just what is "Here"?

Our mission is to offer a great deal of information on the Vietnam War, and all wars. Information that is valuable to the casual observer as well as the serious student. 

Our ever growing direct link military index is the largest military theme based vertical link index on the 'net. 
Within this database, you can find tons of information about Vietnam, or how to duplicate a Revolutionary War uniform,  find Civil war battlefields,  shop for Military antiques, get Veterans benefits, and check out our modern missile defense systems, not to mention keep up to date on terrorist activities.      Like a direct link to the National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum in Chicago. A must visit for Vietnam Veterans ---and veterans of any war.
And, of course,  just about everything in between. 

We offer very few products --- only those we have discovered ourselves and are anxious to pass on to our visitors. 
Good Stuff. 
You know,   your "money's worth" kind of good stuff. 

Now we are offering select combat candid photography.......both in direct sales and in ebook format.

Sit back, grab a beer (or a cup of Coffee) get comfortable, and...............

Jack Walters

Forward...... March!